2. Earn Money By Selling Your Solar Electricty


Even though solar panels cost you money up front, they aren’t an expense – they are an investment because they have the potential to generate money for you. Unlike normal electricity, which is always an expense. This means that a solar system is a great way to invest, with returns rivalling those of more traditional investments like stocks and bonds.

The average Australian homeowner pays off their solar panel system through the money they save on their electricity bill in about 4-5 years. Once this happens all the savings are yours to keep and to reallocate. The average system produces a return on investment of about 20% or more per annum just from savings on your bill. That's right 20% or more per annum, when was the last time you made a consistent 20% return from your investment stocks or on your superannuation?

What's more, if you are producing more electricity than you are consuming, you earn money form your energy provider by selling them the electricity form your solar system. This way you can totally eliminate your bill and start earning more money.