Earn MTS dollars

Refer a friend, client or business and earn up to $500 per new MTS customer. We will pay $100 for solar systems under 10kW, $300 for systems between 10kW and 30kW and $500 over 30kW.

Simply complete the following form and we will be in touch if the referral is successful. See terms and conditions below.



  • The referred person or business must not have previously been in touch with MTS Solar
  • Payment will be organised within 28 days of the referred customer’s system being installed and paid for in full.
  • Payment will be made via bank transfer only.
  • In the event that we receive the same referral from different referees, only the first referral will be considered.
  • Referrals are valid for 3 months.
  • MTS Solar will pay according  to the system size listed on the sales order form: Up to 10kW – $100 / Between 10kW – 30kW – $300 / Over 30kW – $500
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