The 6 Basics To How Solar Power Works

1. Solar Panels
These panels absorb energy from the sun, even on cloudy days, and convert it to Direct Current (DC) electricity, just like the electricity that comes from a battery.
2. Inverter
Because everything in your home or business runs on Alternate Current (AC) electricity, the inverter converts the DC current to AC so that it can be used by all your lights, appliances, equipment, air-conditioning, etc.
3. Circuit Panel
That electricity is then fed into the breaker box (circuit panel) that you already have.
4. Usage
If you are using electricity at the time, the free electricity from your system is used first.
5. Excess
If you don’t use all the solar electricity that is being produced, the excess power goes back through your new bi-directional meter (the utility company will install this for you).
6. Credit
As that electricity goes back into the grid, you get a credit on your bill for the energy you provided to the utility company.

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