LG Chem RESU Battery

An LG Chem RESU battery solution will help you maximise the return on your solar system and help reduce your energy bills. From day one. Get your solar power stored from the start.

The LG Chem Resu battery comes as part of a total solar energy solution that includes solar panels, inverter, and back up capability, as well as our 7-year warranty on installation workmanship. The system can be configured to your home network for monitoring and maintenance and also comes with an app for smartphone users.

The solution is capable of providing backup power to the home in the event of a blackout and it can also back up one or multiple lighting or power circuits.

Benefits of LG Chem Resu

You’ll reduce the power you need from the grid to meet the electricity needs of your household, which means further savings on your energy bills
The LG Chem Resu batteries can be floor or wall mounted
The LG Chem Resu 6.5 has 6.5 kWh of total energy (5.9 usable)
and the RESU 10 has 9.8 kWh of total energy (8.8 usable) 
The LG Chem Resu is economical and safe and doesn’t need any ongoing maintenance
The battery solution comes with a smart phone app for monitoring and management
The batteries come with a 10-year or usage warranty
(The RESU 6.5 has a throughput of 20 MWh, the RESU 10 throughput is 30 MWh)
The capacity of the system can be expanded by adding another LG RESU battery